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Q. I don't want to pay. Can I really get inside for free?

A. Absolutely! You don't have to pay a cent, with a free trial mebership you can get full access to our member's only area. To get free access now simply follow the easy step by step directions to the left and then click the proceed button. Continue to follow the short on screen directions and the free trial pass is yours!

Q. Why do we offer free trials?

A. We feel free trials are a win win situation for everyone. Surfers get free access to the members only area and we get to showcase our amazing site. We are confident that after getting a taste of our exclusive content you will be running back to become a member.

Q. Why should I choose XratedAmateur ?

A. Over the last 10 years the Cybererotica network and XratedAmateur have proudly been home to over 2,000,000,000 visitors and 6,100,000 members. That's 500,000 happy surfers PER DAY for 10 straight years!!!

Q. Why does everyone trust XratedAmateur ?

A. We are a Household name. Everyone knows XratedAmateur. Everyone trusts XratedAmateur. Why? Because we are part of the Cybererotica Network and in the last ten years we have always put our surfers demands first. Because our numbers and reputation speak for themselves, in our ten years we have been home to more then 6,100,000 million satisfied members and 2,000,000,000 surfers. The Cybererotica network is one of the most respected Adult companies in history period!

Q. I don't want to commit to a full membership without first trying the member's area.

A. We completely understand and will allow every surfer to get a free trial pass so you can experience everything we have to offer before ever making any commitments. With your free 3 day trial pass you can enjoy all the benefits a real member does to ensure you will be happy before committing to a full membership.

Q. I am worried that I will be charged for my free trial.

A. Absolutely Not! Our free trial passes are 100 % Free and were created to ensure that potential member's would be completely satisfied with what we have to offer before making a purchase. Would you ever buy a car without first taking it out for a test drive? We don't think so. We are not asking you to buy a membership, we just want you to take a test drive.

Q. I don't want any adult orientated charges appearing on my billing statement.

A. There will be no adult orientated charges appearing on your bill if you were to decide to purchase a full membership. The only thing that would appear on your statement in the event of a purchase would be the name of our online processing company "EUPAYCOM.NET" or "CCBILL.COM." Obviously nothing will appear on your statement for your free trial as there is no charge.

After the Trial is over, unless cancelled, you will be billed the monthly rate every 1 month(s) until cancelled.

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